Cargo Bikes

retrofiet cargobike bakfiets dogfiets pdx portlandWhat is a Retrofiet?

“Retrofiet” is a little bit of wordplay. It’s combination of “retrofit” and “fiets” (the Dutch word for “bike”). I make custom bakfiets-style cargo bikes by retrofitting a newly fabricated cargo area onto an old steel frame bicycle. It’s pretty brilliant, really. This process keeps old bicycles out of the scrap yard, and cuts down on overall fabrication time and keeps the costs low.

why a cargobike?

Owning a cargo bike is a great way to work towards a car-free future. Imagine riding a bicycle while you run errands rather than being stuck in traffic. You could be going grocery shopping, taking the dog to the park, picking up gardening supplies, or taking a picnic basket to the beach.

Why should i buy a retrofiet cargobike?

People come to me for a variety of reasons.  Some folks like the idea of breathing new life into an old bicycle ( I’d call it “upcycling”). Others like the idea of choosing their own cargo dimensions to suit their needs. Still others enjoying supporting a local craftsperson. But the number one reason: it’s affordable!

I’m not out to make a killing by selling expensive imported bakfiets, or high-end cargo bikes.  When you commission your own Retrofiet cargo bike you’re supporting a local artist, and in exchange getting a new way to engage your city by bicycle, all without breaking your bank account. I make strong, custom cargobikes right here in Portland, Oregon.

So, How much is a Retrofiet?

Take a look at my custom cargobike pricing guide!

And when you’re ready, send me a message to find out how we can start on a Retrofiet of your own.

Or check my inventory of ready-to-ride cargobikes I have for sale!