Custom Cargobike Pricing

If you supply a complete, steel, bike that fits you I charge $950 to convert it.

This includes:

  • The original frame, handlebars, stem, seat and seatpost drivetrain, back brake, and rear wheel and all used on the finished cargobike. It saves you the expense of buying all new components!
  • A simple “flatbed” style cargo platform with tie-down rails (cargo boxes are extra, see below)
  • a new 20″ fork with a Sturmey Archer drum brake front wheel/tire,
  • custom cargo area dimensions. I’ll help you decide how big your cargo platform should be to fit your needs
  • steering linkage
  • second headset
  • Tripod-style kickstand
  • And you get back the parts I don’t use.

Additional Add-Ons:

Cargo boxes: Made to order. Pricing starts at $200. Want to haul groceries? You dog? Cats? Birds?! Children?!?! I can help make that happen.

Powdercoating: Starts at an additional $175 . Lots of custom colors are available (some are more expensive than others)! Powdercoating is my recomendation. It protects your bike frame in a durable and colorful finish.

Upgraded components: I can source all kinds up upgraded parts for your finished bike. The sky’s the limit. Just ask and we can get a price list together for you. Or just run the parts your donor bike had originally and upgrade it down the road.


I’m based in Portland as are most of my customers, but I have built bikes for folks out of the area.   I do make a cargobike frame that unbolts in several places for easier shipping (it’s more expensive than the standard conversion fee). If you live in the Great Northwest, we can always discuss pricing for a personal delivery of your cargobike. I’m flexible.

Don’t have a used steel bike to donate?

Or maybe shipping me a bike isn’t the most cost-effective way to start your project. I can always source a donor bike locally that we’re reasonably confident will fit you, and add the cost of that bike to the overall cost of the conversion. Easy!

Ready to go?

Send me a message and let’s get started!