handmade freakbike bicycle portland cargobike fr808So, what exactly IS a “Freakbike”? One of the most common definitions is one bicycle made from another bicycle (or bicycles). Personally, I think they’re amazing. They’re fun to make. Fun to ride. Fun to look at. Who cares if they don’t make sense? They’re not supposed to.  Practicality rarely fits in to my freakbike design. If they were practical, you probably wouldn’t notice them in the first place, and we wouldn’t be talking about it at all.

A good freakbike draws attention.  It can exist in a parade, on a ride to the pub, or hanging on a wall, and it’s always a conversation starter. Most importantly, a freakbike breaks down paradigms over what a bicycle should look like, and makes people question what they thought a bicycle should be used for. It’s an access point into a different world. A world of fun. Think I’m romanticizing them too much? Try riding one. You’ll see.

A lot of my unique freakbike designs come from day-dreaming and drawing. I imagine a bicycle that might not exist yet, but should, and I love sorting through the design challenges of making my random doodles a reality. The only thing they’re supposed to be is whatever you want them to be. Enjoy.