Glass and Steel Furniture

glass bed headboard steel pdx design portlandThis is the pinnacle of my craft. My handmade glass and steel furniture boasts bold, minimalist, lines with rich color accents. I design these pieces to highlight the contrast between the cool steel and warm glass, and each item can be a stark centerpieces or a subtle complement to your interior space.

Within this line of furniture, I’m influenced by a neo-gothic style. I like bold vertical lines, and play off of the strong geometric shapes that are inherent in steel tubing and fused glass. Each piece of furniture is truly unique.

The glass is cast by me in my kiln one piece at a time and inlaid into a finely fabricated steel frame. The steel is then given a finish that will best complement the glass while enhancing the overall lines of the furniture. Clients can choose from a broad spectrum of glass colors. Casting styles and metal finishes range from gun blueing and wax techniques to powdercoating. Sometimes the glass is substituted with other metal or wood accents.