Running Rickshaw

running rickshaw foottraffic pdx portland

Foottraffic pdx portland running rickshawThe Running Rickshaw is a custom promotional piece I did for Portland’s Foot Traffic running stores. They approached me about creating a rickshaw they could use to pull Portlanders around by foot at races and running events.

I worked closely with their team to develop a Running Rickshaw that was eye-catching and uniquely them. There were several design challenges they presented to ensure the rickshaw would be lightweight, safe, and have a high level of functionality whether or not it was in motion.

The final list of features is an impressive one:

  • A full color vinyl wrap designed by me with custom Foot Traffic branding
  • Seating for 2-3 people on a waterproof vinyl seat, and under-seat storage
  • A door for seating access built into the lines of the rickshaw
  • A promotional table on the back for product and beverages, with two roman pillars topped with plexiglass shoe displays
  • Built in keg storage, and tap system
  • Two separate hidden tanks with taps for water, and electrolyte storage (always handy at running events.
  • A portable soundsystem
  • Dual disc brakes

This is a project I’m very proud of, and pleased to know it’s been put to great use already. It could easily be adapted to promotional use for breweries, food service, or sightseeing tours.

Running Rickshaw