Accessories and Props

upcycled skateboard hooks recycled pdx portland

There are many parts of the home and office that can benefit from clever storage solutions, displays, or creative lighting designs. My passion is to re-use materials when designing these items, creating a perspective shift over what any particular item can be, and often as an homage to its previous life. It’s an endeavor forever in flux often affected by materials at hand and current creative inspirations.

upcycled skateboard hook rackUpcycled Skateboard Hooks:

The Upcycled Skateboard Hook design was originally created for a friend who wanted a unique solution to display his skateboard collection, while still allowing him to grab any board and go. Using old skate decks was an obvious go-to solution. They add color to a room, and visually complement your own board. Convincing your kid to actually use the hook and pick their skateboard up off the floor is up to you though.

upcycled industrial lamp lightingIndustrial Lighting:

These pieces are almost always a one-of-a-kind creations using unique pieces of industrial machinery. Picturing a hydraulic pump as a desk light, or an old shipyard floodlight as your next pedestal lamp is what I do.

Upcycled Accessories