Upcycled Furniture

upcycled recycled snowboard chair furniture edhardyUpcycled fruniture is where it all began! Hey, we have to start somewhere. Over 15 years ago I found myself making upcycled skateboard furniture in the living room of a small Seattle apartment. The furniture I made was largely out of necessity: I needed a coffee table, so I made one. A skateboard sofa? I made one of those too. Finally a friend convinced me to start selling that furniture and a month later I had pieces in several local furniture stores.

The used and broken skateboards I made my furniture with made me keenly aware of the immense waste stream that our society creates. A large part of that can be reused as creative building materials and help avoid being heaped into our landfills. Over the years my list of materials continues to include recycled skateboards, but has also moved on to recycled snowboards, lumber, industrial machinery, bicycles, and much more. All it takes is a little imagination to envision a new future from someone else’s past.